marți, 12 aprilie 2011

The girl from the mirror.

-So? What do you remeber? she asked me.

-I really don't know, I said. All I remeber is that I had this strange dream...

... All around me was dark, and nothing else unless a mirror in front of me. Nothing was happening. I come nearby very slowly, and I saw a girl in the mirror. She had dark hair and her face was so... old. I felt frightened. It's like it was me, but in a diferent way. And my face... it was looking so mean! I felt my heart beating faster and faster. Suddenly, I can't remember how, but the girl had a knife in his hand and she was looking at me with a smile so mean... Then, she just came to me, out from the mirror, so fast than I can't even explain. She pushed the knife into my heart.

   Then, I woke up shacking and crying....

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